“Woman Life Freedom, three words that have shaken up one of the most oppressive regimes in the whole world and have connected us Iranians through mountainous space and time.

This project is for the Iranian children, women, for the LGBT community, for the Balochis and Kurds and all the people whom bullets, imprisonment, torture, rape and death penalty were not able to suffocate their voice!

This project is for a culture that has resisted more than 40 years of dark ages and for all the girls, who have only seen a ray of freedom through old family pictures of before the Islamic republic or through the internet on their computer screens.

The girls we left behind in Iran and came out to find a better future for ourselves!”, says Nastaran Rezaee who with her designer sister, Yasaman, is looking to change the image of Iran and reclaim the country’s endangered Iranian heritage for a new future."