• PAIRI DAEZA - Ardeshir Tabrizi Scarf Large

PAIRI DAEZA - Ardeshir Tabrizi Scarf Large

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Sales of the scarves go to Abdorrahman Boroumand Center (www.iranrights.org), to support the movement in Iran.

Ardeshir Tabrizi Feb 11, 1981 Tehran, Iran Working in Los Angeles, CA www.Tabrizi-art.com

Artist Statement:

My scarf design is based on a study that pays homage to Persian cultural and literary heritage by referencing the Shahnama, an epic poem by Ferdowsi. By drawing upon the story of hero protagonist Faraydun who frees his people from an evil king, I aim to stay true to my artistic practice while also creating meaningful connections to current affairs in Iran. The colorful abstract center of the scarf is surrounded by four angels facing the words Zan (Woman), Zandegi (Life), Azadi (Freedom) and Liberta to create a visual yet wearable object that finds a powerful balance between aesthetics and message.

120 x 120cm scarf made from 100% Viscose Satin