01 Our Store

Error404 celebrates authenticity and free-spirited creativity. The store is a platform for expression. We love listening, reading, visualising, and dressing. Through these avenues, we value our artists’ vision and want to share them with a broader audience through a physical and online space. The artists engaged in Error404store work with a variety of sustainable, locally sourced and ethically produced products. We strive to work with like-minded creatives in developing visions for a greener, more community-based future. We care about the community and the well-being of the designers/artists we represent. As a space we aim to amalgamate creative communities across Australia and abroad and to raise awareness for the future of a healthier, more collaborative, forward-thinking planet.

02 Our goals

SHORT TERM Analyse and reflect on current and past stockists, art exhibitions and events Integrate a new and dynamic range of stockists, artists, events and creative voices into Error404 Broadening channels for communication and feedback. Please feel welcome to discuss any means of discomfort you have with Error404store with us via email Increased effort to source, facilitate and represent independent designers from all backgrounds.

LONG TERM Open and ongoing effort to collaborate with local creative businesses to elevate PoC and queer/LGBQTIA+ voices. Open discussion and awareness-raising via Error’s online platform. Such as the website’s read, listen, visualise, and dress components. Real-life facilitation of meaningful conversation in-store and at Error404 events. Clear communication channels, and improved transparency within the Error404 business Ongoing commitment to transformative action and the safety of those employed and represented by Error404store. Ongoing commitment to educate ourselves and work with local organizations and charities to help disadvantaged peoples.