Meet the Trio from Soup

by Kacy Heywood

Who is Soup? And, what is your name, pronouns and star sign? 

Jasmine Febbraro, she/her, Taurus. 

Katy Mason, she/her, Pisces.

Sophie Ruane, she/her, Cancer. 


What is the story behind the name Soup?

When you make a soup, you often use up leftovers, and add things spontaneously into the mix. We hosted regular life drawing classes with friends at our first Berlin studio, and would bring along home-made soup. It kind of just suited us from the start. 

CREDIT _nataliedoddphoto 2.png

Photo: Natalie Dodd

Where did you grow up, and where do you live now?

J-  Leeds born, grew up in Swansea, now Berlin-based.

K- Hampshire born, and London based.
S- Birmingham born and Birmingham based!


We started Soup in 2019, whilst all living in Berlin. We got our first studio together in Wedding, and our second in Kreuzberg. In 2020, two of us moved back to the UK. We continue to work as a team through regular video calls, sharing ideas, and process updates.


Soup prides itself on sustainable production and a zero waste practice. What does this look like in real life?

It’s about embracing second hand, whether that be from dead-stock, donations, sourcing from second hand stores, or literally finding things on the street to repurpose. 

A lot of trapping leftovers into garments, stuffing trouser legs with extra material to make cushions, and prints sublimated onto suit lining. Not to mention, labels printed onto white leather from an old sofa!


We are always careful when it comes to quality control, to ensure the quality is good, the knitwear is soft, and the materials are durable and long lasting.


Photo: Natalie Dodd

What have you had to overcome to get where you are today?

A lot of experimenting and playing to find our specific identity as a team, sometimes without any money behind us. Figuring out our production system – at first we worried when someone ordered something that already exists, and how we could get it to look as similar as possible – but now we enjoy how upcyling means each piece is unique, and sometimes fabrics or colours vary. The customers seem to appreciate that too.

Photo: Natalie Dodd

If your label/art was a…


… meal? 

A flattened cake with no eggs; it’s lumpy like porridge that’s been cooked and stirred sporadically. 


… celebrity?

Princess Diana. 


… hairstyle?

Short at the front and long at the back with ringlets and straight, feathered and natural, with streaks of colour through it. 


… smell?

Vanilla candles, and herby natural soap with hints of powdered blue eyeshadow. 


… song?

A trip hop remix of Dolly Parton.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Rip it up and start again; You can make me whole again. 


What’s the best advice you’ve ever given? 

Who knows. And, follow your gut.