• LOKI PATERA - Arachne


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HIGH POLISH - silver, bronze will naturally oxidize over time. Regular cleaning with a polishing cloth will help maintain the shine of your piece


PATINA- do not use a cleaning solution, this will wear away the patina.


SILK CORD- keep your silk cord dry as much as possible. If the cord becomes dirty you can hand wash it in warm water with a natural gentle soap. Never use bleaches or harsh cleaners as this will destroy the silk.


ADJUSTABLE ELEMENT- i.e. the wire on an ear cuff or earring hook etc. Gently bend it into place for your size but do not continuosly bend it every time you wear it as this will weaken the silver and cause it to snap


PEARL- do not expose to baking soda, vinegar chemicals, bleaches etc. This is an organic gem and is delicate