• Baron by Petra Collins

Baron by Petra Collins

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In the sixth edition of Baron, artist Petra Collins turns the camera lens inward, delving into her own self – unabashed, raw, fragmented, and perplexing. Collins immerses us in a realm teeming with intimate, often unsettling reflections and dreamlike vistas.

Entitled "Miért vagy te, ha lehetsz én is?" in Hungarian, which translates to "Why be you when you can be me?", Collins prompts us to contemplate the essence of identity. She employs the camera as a narrative observer, capturing both historical truths, such as time and place, and an emotional reality fraught with intricate layers of intention and perception. Collaborating with sculptor Sarah Sitkin, Collins molds replicas of her own body and those of her sisters, a symbolic assertion of ownership in a world where our bodies navigate multiple realities. This latest body of work showcases Collins' initial forays into self-portraiture.